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Welcome to the 2016 MidSchoolMath National Conference!

Session scheduling is limited to registered attendees - all attendees should receive schedule access via email by Jan. 4 or within two business days of registering. Click on the "More Information" link for detailed directions on accessing SCHED and signing up for concurrent sessions.

Programming begins each morning at 8:15 am sharp, ending at 4:30 pm on Friday, followed by a social hour from 5:00 - 6:30 pm; and ends at 4:15 pm on Saturday.

Please note, schedule is subject to change.

To learn more about MidSchoolMath or register to attend the conference, please visit www.midschoolmathnationalconference.com or email conference@midschoolmath.com.


avatar for Heather Herd

Heather Herd

Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School
Math Teacher
Santa Fe, NM
After an enriching decade of teaching 4th and 5th graders in New Jersey, I packed my bags 13 years ago and headed west to start a fresh and beautiful life in the open vistas of New Mexico.  My life here has had all the components of the adventure I longed for at that time.  Since then, I have taught all the grades between Kindergarten and 8th grade in public, charter, and private schools. School settings have ranged from a small 2-room mountain school of 19 students, to a city school of nearly 600.  One can thrive as a teacher, and today we have opportunities that challenge our creative thinking with a myriad of approaches available for nourishing learning in our classrooms!
Thursday, February 18

8:30am MST

Friday, February 19

7:00am MST

8:15am MST

9:30am MST

9:50am MST

11:05am MST

11:25am MST

12:10pm MST

1:40pm MST

2:55pm MST

3:15pm MST

5:00pm MST

Saturday, February 20

7:00am MST

8:15am MST

9:15am MST

9:45am MST

11:00am MST

11:20am MST

12:05pm MST

1:10pm MST

2:25pm MST

2:45pm MST

3:40pm MST